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A Service Designed For Mobile App Developers

The Wizzard Wavefile Service is powered by AT&T Natural Voices award-winning text to speech (TTS) technology, believed by many to be the most natural sounding TTS available. Our "service" provides app developers with the benefit of TTS without the need to integrate an engine in their app. After subscribing, developers can grant purchasers of their app access to our server-based TTS engine in order to receive audio based on their inputted text.

  • Designed for mobile app developers
  • Audio files may be created and used by end users of app developers
  • Proven TTS technology from years of research by voice pioneer AT&T
  • Available with a selection of (8) US English voices and (2) Spanish voices
  • Requires six month subscription agreement and monthly usage fee plan

Supported Languages

Voice Fonts available in
8 &16 KHZ

  1. US English (Mike, Crystal, Claire, Julia, Lauren, Mel, Ray, Rich)

  2. Spanish (Alberto, Rosa)

Voice Samples


Wizzard Wavefile Service (WWS):

  • Accessed and managed by Developer via a Web Portal
  • Inbound Text: submitted via email, FTP account, API via HTTPS POST
  • Outbound Audio files: email, SMS, FTP
  • Audio formats: Mp3, WMA, Wave 8khzr PCM 16khz
  • Sample scripts: Windows batch, Linux shell, PHP, Visual Basic, Asterisk

Wizzard Wavefile Service Pricing/Terms:

Six Month Contract Required . Click here for sample agreement

Monthly plans based on number of audio minutes used per month (request pricing)

  • Plan A: 5,000 minutes
  • Plan B: 10,000 minutes
  • Plan C: 20,000 minutes
  • Plan D: 50,000 minutes
  • Plan E: 100,000 minutes


To request information and prices click Inquire or call Sales at 954-678-4155


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