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An SDK Designed for Developers and Integrators

Wizzard Speech is pleased to offer the most current version of AT&T Natural Voices Text to Speech (TTS) SDKs for Windows or Linux. AT&T Natural Voices is an award winning text to speech technology developed by AT&T Laboratories, and believed by many to be the most natural sounding TTS available.

These SDKs are designed for dynamic text to voice conversion in single and multi-user environments, and are perfect for high volume desktop applications, ATMs, telephony, transportation and web based apps. They can quickly add tremendous interactive and humanistic value and automation to a wide variety of applications and projects.

This SDK is perfect for desktop and server applications since most implementations are made on the same computer. However, if your deployment requires client/server architecture on “separate” computers, please contact our Sales department for an “extendable” version of this SDK.  

  • Designed for developers and integrators to add voice to their projects
  • Implemented with a software developer kit (SDK) and distributable runtime software available in (8) voices in US English and (2) voices in Spanish
  • Dynamically converts text into voice for a wide variety of applications and environments
  • features a flexible "engine + voice font" architecture
  • Supports customization of pronunciations, acronyms, abbreviations, speaking rate
  • highly scalable technology for large volume projects 
  • supports dynamic multiuser creation of wavefiles for an extensive range of projects (wavefile usage requires additional licensing)
  • proven technology from years of research by voice pioneer AT&T

Supported Languages*

Voice Fonts available in
8 &16 KHZ

  1. US English (Mike, Crystal, Claire, Julia, Lauren, Mel, Ray, Rich)

  2. Spanish (Alberto, Rosa)
*SDK includes a trial version of the TTS runtime engine and up to 2 voices for 1 language

Voice Samples


Typical Text-to-Speech Projects

Typical projects that you might voice enable using our technologies include websites,  broadcasting sites, e-learning , transportation and informational, integrated Voice Response (IVR) Systems, simulators and online/offline games, ATMs, Kiosks, eBooks, games, alert systems, assistive applications for the impaired, server based iphone applications, and more... If you have a project that is not listed above and are wondering if our products are a good fit for you, contact us.


  1. Obtain a Software Developers Kit (SDK)
    • May be purchased on the website with a 90 day evaluation engine* and downloaded (requires internet connection)
    • Provides a software environment for internal development and testing

  2. Purchase Usage licenses (requires agreement)
    • Any type of usage/deployment/distribution of audio files or TTS runtime software requires licensing
    • A broad range of licensing models are available for internal use or external distribution
    • Minimum order levels and Volume pricing apply
    • A permanent* TTS engine is provided at time of purchase of Usage/Distribution licenses
  3. To request information and prices click Inquire or call Sales at 954-678-4155

SDK: $250

(package includes)

  • Libraries and documentation in US English for building Windows or Linux applications
  • SDK includes 90 day trial runtime engine (requires internet connection) for development and testing only, and your choice of one language (additional voice fonts are available for $50 each) A permanent runtime engine is provided when usage licensing is purchased
  • Compatible with SAPI 5.0 and newer - Windows only
  • Supports custom user dictionaries and SSML compatible control tags
  • API documentation
  • C++ Libraries
  • Visual Basic 6, .NET, C #, ASP and Flash/PHP sample programs using SAPI 5.x - Windows only
  • Binaries for Simple SAPI (TTS audio creation tool) and Dictionary Editor (create user dictionary) - Windows only
  • SDK is licensed for internal development/testing only and Usage or Distribution licensing is required for runtime or wavefile usage or distribution


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