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Wizzard Speech LLC is a new company formed by the co-founder of Wizzard Software Corp and staffed with personnel from Wizzard Software’s Speech Division. We provide Product Developers, Content Developers and Businesses with access to state of the art software developer kits and distribution licenses, making it easy for them to incorporate text-to-speech into their applications. With offerings from AT&T and Wizzard branded products, developers will find everything they need to make an application talk.

Wizzard Speech LLC’s objective is to be the preferred supplier of speech technology by offering the finest technology and support through a broad range of licensing options that will enable speech technology usage and distribution at the most compelling prices to our customers.




Armen Geronian
President and Founder of Wizzard Speech LLC

As co-founder of Wizzard Software Corporation, Geronian spent the past 16 years as Senior Developer, Chief Technology Officer and Board Director. He helped WizzardSoftware gain the technical confidence of IBM Corporation and AT&T Corporation, resulting in Wizzard Software Corporation becoming the sole distributor to developers of speech products from two of the largest technology companies in the world. He was instrumental in taking Wizzard Software Corporation public, and assisted in its technical transformation into one of the world’s largest media companies.... FAB Universal (Nasdaq FU). During that time, Geronian led a technical team that provided a robust technical infrastructure from which to do business, as well as complete custom speech projects for clients. Now, Geronian has founded Wizzard Speech LLC to refocus his attentions on his first priority . speech technologies and supporting customers to assist in their worldwide deployment.

Bruce Phifer
General Manager - Technology & Services Division

Prior to joining Wizzard, Phifer spent over 30 years with IBM acting in a variety of management positions in emerging business areas. From 1982 to 1991, Phifer managed Service, Market Research, and Planning functions on the headquarters staff thatshaped IBM's Personal Computer strategies. From 1994 to 2003, he held business development and OEM sales positions in the speech recognition and pervasive computing business areas. He has been the recipient of many IBM formal awards for excellence and sales performance. Phifer attended Drexel Institute of technology in Philadelphia and is a graduate of Electronics Training Center in New Jersey.

Patrick Grumbar
Director and Program Manager Speech Technologies

Following graduation from the University of Florida, Grumbar worked for IBM Corporation for over 30 years in many capacities, primarily in software development. During the early days of the IBM Personal Computer, he managed a group developing communications products, and was on the headquarters staff responsible for quality/customer satisfaction, as well as managing development projects in IBM's overseas labs. His assignment locations included Gaithersburg, MD, Boca Raton, FL, Austin, TX, the UK, Thailand and Japan. His specialties include human machine interfaces, multimedia, speech technologies and globalization. As a Program Director at Wizzard, Grumbar has been responsible for sales, product strategies and software agreements.


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