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Technical Requirements
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Technical Requirements for AT&T Natural Voices

  • Processor
    • CPU: Intel x86 and compatible processors
    • Bits: 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Speed: 500 MHz+ (1 GHz+ recommended for Server version)
  • Memory
    • Runtime: 512MB+ RAM
    • Workspace: Varies depending on number of voice fonts used concurrently
  • File Storage
    • SDK Components: 100 MB
    • Runtime Components: 100 MB
    • 16kHz Voice Fonts: 500-700 MB (per voice font)
    • 8KHz Voice Fonts: 200-350 MB (per voice font)
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows: XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Server 2008
    • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise 5+, CentOS 5+, Fedora Core 5+, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
  • Libraries/APIs
    • Windows: C++, Microsoft SAPI, .NET, C# and VB (through SAPI components), command line
    • Windows: Visual Studio 2008 libraries
    • Windows: JAVA
    • Linux: C++ and command line interface
    • Linux: GCC Version: 4.1+
    • Linux: JAVA
  • Output Audio Formats
    • 16 kHz linear PCM (.wav file)
    • 8 kHz ?(mu)-law PCM
    • 8 kHz linear PCM
  • Sound Card
    • AT&T Natural Voices only requires a sound card to send generated TTS audio output directly to the PC speakers.
    • A sound card may be required when using with Windows SAPI.
  • Application Compatibility
    • Compatible with applications using Windows SAPI
    • Can be accessed from applications which support System commands or from a command line
    • TTS audio output can be used with applications which accept .wav audio files such as Asterisk

An Internet connection is required when using a trial version of the runtime engine for authorization purposes. The production version of the runtime engine which does not require an internet connection is provided when usage licenses are purchased.

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