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Text To Speech (TTS) Technologies and Services

Wizzard Speech LLC (WSLLC) offers programmers and businesses state of the art software developer kits and distribution licenses. With TTS offerings from AT&T, developers will find everything they need to make an application talk.


Voice to Text Conversion


WIZZSMARTS stands for Wizzard Speech Managed Audio Recognition Technology Service. WIZZSMARTS is a high volume hosted service using state of the art technology that converts voice audio provided by you into un-edited text that can quickly be returned to your company for any purpose.

Text to Speech Wizzard Wavefile Factory

Wavefile Creation

Easy To Use Application


Simply install the application, type in your text and easily create natural, human-sounding audio wavefiles which may be licensed for a wide variety of projects and environments. There are 8 available voices in US English and 2 in Spanish, plus custom pronunciations.

Learn More About Wizzard Wavefile Factory Text to Speech Software
Text to Speech At&t Natural Voices

Dynamic Text-To-Speech Technology


Superior TTS Toolkits to support multi-user and single user environments. Designed for integration into projects with dynamic text to voice requirements. There are 8 available voices in US English and 2 in Spanish, plus custom pronunciations and a flexible engine + voice font architecture. Easily integrate natural, human-sounding voices into your products or projects.

Learn More About AT&T Natural Voices Text to Speech SDK

Voice Samples

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    • Licensing is required to use, deploy or distribute speech engines and/or audio files
    • SDK and WWF require pre-paid licenses specific to usage & environment
    • Different pricing model for a broad range of projects and volumes
    • Minimum order quantities apply
    • New service for mobile device app developers has unique terms based on subscription and monthly usage


    • 90 days free implementation assistance via email for SDKs and WWF
    • Fee based semi-annual support plans and/or development assistance for Client licensees

Typical uses for AT&T Natural Voices SDK and Wavefile Factory

    • websites and broadcasting sites
    • e-learning
    • transportation and informational
    • integrated Voice Response (IVR) Systems
    • simulators and online/offline games
    • ATMs and Kiosks
    • eBooks and games
    • alert systems
    • assistive applications for the impaired

Typical uses for Wizzard Wavefile Services

    • a wide variety of mobile device apps


* Please Note: WSLLC licensing is volume based with a $1,000 minimum order level.



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